What we do

Allied health services that benefit everyone

It has long been recognised that programs which monitor health and wellbeing can reduce the risk of over-medication or inappropriate treatment, increase life span, improve quality of life and reduce the need for heavy medication and dependence on facility staff. 

Regular physiotherapy and podiatry can improve mobility, reduce pain, minimise falls and improve resident socialisation and mood. 

A regular eye test will not only help to improve the confidence and vision of a resident it can also assist in early detection of other health conditions such as diabetes. When providing diabetes education we follow best practice guidelines for resident prevention, diagnosis and ongoing management of diabetes. 

Nutrition and hydration reviews assist facility staff in providing varied healthy and well balanced diets to residents. With a complete nutrition and dietetic consultancy service we ensure nutritional adequacy and appropriateness of diet for residents.


Pharmacy supply Medication Management Physiotherapy Diabetes Education Optometry Dietetics Podiatry
Pharmacy supply
Medication Management


Our systems & technology

Minimising risk is at the core of what we do every day, which is why we invest in the latest intuitive software programs that minimise human error by demanding accurate input and reducing multi point entries. As an additional safe guard relevant data and information is instantly shared electronically between the resident's Medical Practitioner, facility staff and the pharmacist. This minimises any delay on urgent action or correction that might be needed. 


Maximise your ACFI funding

All these services will not only improve the health and wellbeing of resident, they are designed to secure a level of funding that enables the provision of quality care through regular audits of documentation to ensure compliance. We offer support during validation, comprehensive reviews of documentation and reporting to management on ACFI outcomes. 


Staff training and education with impact

Our staff education programs provide an additional opportunity to benefit from our years of experience and expertise in pharmacy supply, medication management and allied health services. We provide fun and interactive training sessions across all our services that include practical applications relevant to the aged care environment. 

Training programs are delivered by our specialist teams and are planned in conjunction with the specific needs of your facility. Topics can be based on the outcomes of the Medication Administration Committee meetings and the profile of patients under your care. Programs can be accredited for professional development hours to enhance the skills and knowledge of facility staff. 

Meet accreditation standards

Quality Aged Care Services has a commitment to continuous quality improvement. We continually assess and monitor the performance of our services to ensure compliance and a high standard of care. We continue to ensure the best care possible to meet accreditation standards and provide on-site support during all Australia Aged Care Quality Agency visits. 

Quality Aged Care Services can help facilities achieve compliance for a range of accreditation standards including:

2.2 Regulatory compliance

2.8 Pain management

2.14 Mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation

2.3 Education and staff development

2.10 Nutrition and hydration

2.15 Oral and dental care

2.4 Clinical care

2.11 Skin care

2.16 Sensory loss

2.6 Other health and related services

2.12 Continence management

4.5 Occupational health and safety  

2.7 Medication management