physiotherapyQuality Aged Care Services Physiotherapists are passionate about making a profound difference to the quality of life of the older person through the promotion of mobilty, function and independence. 

Our expert and dedicated team provide physiotherapy of the highest standards using evidence based best practice to residents of aged care across all communities. 

Through the development of close relationships with both residents and staff, Quality Aged Care Physiotherapists will quickly become valued members of your facility team. 

  • We Offer Residents We Offer Residents

    We Offer Residents

    • Comprehensive physiotherapy assessments and regular reviews

    • Individualised care plans specific to every resident's needs

    • Individualised pain management program for all residents who suffer chronic pain

    • Continuous falls/incident analysis and assistance with falls reduction strategies

    • Advice and provision of best available aids, appliances and equipment. 

    This benefits the residents in achieving greater mobility and dependence, as well as feeling stronger, more confident and having a greater sense of well-being. 

  • We Offer Facilities We Offer Facilities

    We Offer Facilities

    • Assistance with Accreditation support over a range of accreditation standards including: 
      • Standard 2.3 Education and staff development
      • Standard 2.4 Clinical care
      • Standard 2.8 Pain management 
      • Standard 2.11 Skin care
      • Standard 2.14 Mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation
      • Standard 4.5 Occupational health and safety

    • Assistance with maximising ACFI funding by liaising with management and the ACFI team

    • Providing a complimentary and risk free ACFI audit on request

    • Documentation systems of the highest standards that surpass all ACFI requirements and accreditation standards, with regular reviews and comprehensive handover

    • Transparent audits and compliance evidence based record keeping of interventions for ACFI Complex Health Care Questions 4a and 4b for ACFI validation purposes

    • Assistance with falls analysis and implementation of appropriate falls reduction strategies 

    • Manual Handling training for clinical and non-clinical staff that incorporates injury prevention for all staff

    • Meet with management and key ACFI/Clinical staff to conduct a thorough systems review including:
      • Current documentation systems
      • ACFI structure and review schedule 
      • GAP analysis
      • Appraisal process
      • Cost/benefit analysis of potential ACFI claims
  • We Offer Staff We Offer Staff

    We Offer Staff

    Staff education and training to further their knowledge in all physiotherapy related areas including: 

    • Implementing prescribed exercises for residents
    • Integration of group exercises/ activities with lifestyle / well-being programs
    • Pain management
    • Falls management and minimisation
    • Safe use of all equipment and appliances commonly used in aged care facilities
    • Position and pressure area care
    • Optimal seating options
    • Manual Handling induction training and ongoing reviews of manual handling practices
    • Principals of injury prevention

Quality Aged Care Services Physiotherapists can tailor a package for your physiotherapy requirements to suit your facilities needs with a competitive and simple cost structure basis. 

After the initial assessment of mobility and function by the Quality Aged Care Services Physiotherapist, an ongoing care program will be implemented, which may include individual or group interventions, and will be regularly reviewed.