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It has long been recognised that programs which monitor health and wellbeing can reduce the risk of over-medication or inappropriate treatment, increase life span, improve quality of life and reduce the need for heavy medication and dependence on facility staff.

Regular physiotherapy and podiatry can help mobility and reduce pain which can reduce falls and help make residents feel happier.

A regular eye test will not only help to improve the confidence and vision of a resident it can also assist in early detection of other health conditions such as diabetes. Diabetes education is essential because not treated properly the condition can lead to serious health complications.
Nutrition and hydration reviews help facilities provide varied, healthy and well balanced diets to residents and ensure your facility is meeting audit requirements.

An aged care facility is a complex business to run. The paper work needed to monitor risk and harm is considerable. A streamlined approach, which includes the organisation and running of value added health programs alongside pharmacy supply and auditing can release valuable time for you and your facility staff to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

The Quality Aged Care Services management team have over 200 years of experience between them. Charles Khallouf, the inspiration behind this innovative concept is a man recognised for his dedication and commitment to improving the quality of life in the community, through health and wellbeing programs and disease management services. His expectations of professionalism, detail and presentation are a guarantee of the quality service you can expect from Quality Aged Care Services.

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