For older people most foot problems are the result of years of use.

Podiatrists specialise in the health of feet, ankles and the lower leg. They diagnose and treat conditions resulting from bone and joint disorders such as arthritis, tinea, bunions, nail infections and gout. Feet can also deteriorate with other aged related health issues such as poor circulation and reduced blood flow. Some foot problems can be very serious while others are relatively minor. Left unattended, they can cause considerable stress and discomfort.

The right shoes and slippers

Caring for elderly feet includes ensuring shoes and slippers fit properly and offer the appropriate support for walking and to reduce falls.

The Quality Aged Care Services Podiatrist is professionally trained to treat and maintain the health and hygiene of feet as well as improve comfort and relive pain so that residents can be more confident on their feet and less reliant on walking aids.

The Quality Aged Care Services Podiatrist will report on the general condition of resident’s feet, document concerns and treatment needed, highlight symptoms that might be related to other health issues and present ongoing foot care programs for residents. 

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