Healthy nutrition in the elderly is imperative not only for physical wellness, but also mental wellbeing, bone health, immunity and quality of life. Improving the nutrition habits of a resident involves recognising the physiological changes that impact appetite and creatively formulating a plan that works for the individual.

A well balanced diet that offers variety is enjoyable to eat and helps maintain good health and energy levels are core to nutrition and hydration standards for aged care facilities. Quality Aged Care Services Nutritionists are experienced in aged care nutrition and specialise in nutrition assessments and nutrition care plans, menu development, drug and food interactions, and staff training for best practice in food service for the elderly.

After the initial assessment, the Quality Aged Care Services Nutritionist will monitor individual residents overall weight and nutrition status on a six monthly basis (particularly for residents with special dietary needs due to medical conditions) as well as assisting your Catering Manager to develop nutritional menus all year round.

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