Medication Management

Most residents in aged care facilities take several prescribed medications at the same time. This can lead to adverse drug reactions, and over time, due to the ageing process, they can develop increased sensitivity to certain drugs.

It is vital to monitor medication use.

Quality Aged Care Services in conjunction with pharmacy supply provide a medicine management program to assist administration, monitoring, education and best practice procedures of handling medicine. Major benefits to the facility include:

  • RMMRs for ALL residents
  • Facility specific accreditation advice
  • Maximised ACFI funding
  • Industry-wide geographical audits and comparisons

Best practice communication

For best patient outcomes, we adopt a collaborative approach sharing recommendations
from the review process with the:
  • Medical Practitioner
  • Quality Pharmacy pharmacist
  • Quality Aged Care Services allied health professionals
  • Appropriate facility staff
Quality Aged Care Services will conduct RMMR’s on all residents once a year or earlier if requested by their Medical Practitioner.

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