Diabetes Education

Amongst the elderly Type 2 diabetes is a growing problem.
Because elderly people already present a range of age related problems that often mask the classic symptoms of diabetes, education and awareness of diabetes and the relevant treatment and management of the condition in the aged care environment is important.

Treating the elderly can be difficult

Diagnosing and treating diabetes in the elderly can present various challenges. Existing disabilities and cognitive impairment can make exercise and diet programs difficult to manage. Many elderly diabetic patients are pre - disposed to abnormally low or high blood glucose levels which can cause confusion, clumsiness and falls. Diabetes can also lead to Glaucoma, retinopathy and other silent, serious eye diseases and kidney failure.
Diabetes can also make many other pre - existing conditions worse.

Quality Aged Care Services Diabetes Specialists are qualified to conduct an independent clinical assessment on all residents to determine general health, especially clinical, physiological and psychological health to establish an ongoing glycaemic management program.

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